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Comprehensive Eye Exams

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Your Screens May Be Affecting Your Sight

At Alice Family Eye Center, we are ready to provide you a thorough and complete eye exam.  We Invest in Technology!  We Invest in YOU!  With 5 exam rooms, 2 pretesting rooms, and quality diagnostic equipment, you will surely get a complete and thorough eye exam.

5 Exam Rooms

At Alice Family Eye Center, we have 5 exam rooms to ensure you get seen promptly.  All of our exam rooms are modern and up to date.

2 Pretesting Areas

At Alice Family Eye Center, we have 2 pretesting rooms and 3 technicians to help get the most accurate measurements during your eye exam in a timely manner.  Our pretesting includes the i.Profiler, which measures for distortions and maps your cornea.

Advanced Equipment

At Alice Family Eye Center, we have advanced diagnostic equipment to aid in the detection of glaucoma and retinal disease.  We also feature a digital camera for amazing retinal photos and a visual field to test your field of vision.


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