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Color Blindness

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Quick Guide to Color Blindness from Our Optometrist

For those who can see color, it can be difficult to imagine viewing the world’s beauty through muted lenses. However, it’s a sad reality for many. Though it’s more common in men, it can also occur in females. Read below to discover what it’s like to be blind and how to help the condition. Our team at Alice Family Eye Center in Alice, TX, answers these questions and more below. 

What Causes Color Blindness?

The retina contains cones that detect color and dictate how your brain processes that color. Color blindness is simply an issue in how well the cones do their job.

Generally, color blindness is due to genetics, a mother passing the gene to her son. However, other factors can cause color blindness, such as age, certain types of prescription medications, and some diseases.

What Does It Mean to Be Color Blind?

The term “color blind” is not exactly accurate. Very few people are unable to see color at all. Instead, most people with the condition have a color deficiency, meaning they see colors differently than others. How they see those colors depends on the type of color blindness they have. There are three basic types of color blindness.

  • Red-green color blindness – Being unable to distinguish between reds and greens is the most common type of color blindness.
  • Blue-yellow color blindness – While not as common, some people have trouble distinguishing between blues and greens, yellows, and reds.
  • Monochromacy – This is the rarest form in which color cannot be seen. It can cause difficulty with vision, as it can prove difficult to differentiate between objects.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Color Blindness

Typically, optometrists check children for signs of color blindness during a routine eye exam. However, if you’re concerned that you might develop the condition, you can schedule a simple vision test.

Although, there is no cure for color blindness at this time. If a vision test confirms the diagnosis, a few options may exist. Eyeglasses and contacts are available to help patients see color more clearly. There are many apps and other visual aids that can help you carry out your everyday tasks. In addition, our eye doctor will have various tips and recommendations to help you sustain your quality of life.

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