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Treating Myopia Progression in Alice, TX

It can be exceedingly difficult to learn and behave properly when you cannot see well. Often, struggling with academics or controlling behavior can be linked back to problems with vision. As a parent, it is important to be on the lookout for signs of poor vision. If you notice any of these signs, come see us at Alice Family Eye Center in Alice, TX.

5 Signs Your Child Might Have Vision Problems

  • Squinting: This occurs when trying to focus and make an object appear clearer.
  • Excessive blinking: By blinking often, a child is experiencing a reflex to wipe or clear the eyes so that they may see better.
  • Tilting the Head: This is a sign that vision could be clearer in one eye than in the other. The child could be trying to compensate for eye misalignment.
  • Moving objects closer: A child might bring objects closer if they are experiencing nearsightedness.
  • Itchy and Irritated Eyes: If your child is often rubbing their eyes and they appear red and irritated, this could be a sign that vision is not clear.

Your Child’s Eye Exam

If you notice any of these signs, bring your child in for a pediatric eye exam. We are trained in pediatric eye care and can get to the root of the problem. Even if you do not notice any of these signs, it is still a good idea to bring your child in for an exam or be sure that their pediatrician performs a vision screening. Catching a problem early and being proactive can help ensure eye health as the child ages. Once a vision problem is corrected, this will hopefully positively affect academic performance and behavior.

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