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Your Screens May Be Affecting Your Sight

Most of us don’t debate the importance of clear, healthy vision. It’s a necessity when navigating your life tasks. However, problems and issues arise with our vision. Sometimes these issues are present at birth. Often, an optometrist can evaluate a patient’s eyes to determine the root cause of the issues with their vision. Once the causes are determined, the best treatment can be determined and put into action. Our Alice, TX, optometrist is committed to helping adults and children achieve and maintain healthy, clear vision with services offered at Alice Family Eye Center. 

Issues With Vision

People of all ages, from children to adults, frequently experience issues with their vision. This is why an eye doctor’s first goal is to assess a person’s overall eye health. This allows the eye doctor to pinpoint root causes and other underlying issues that may be present. Once any root causes and underlying issues have been determined, an eye doctor has an arsenal of different ways to treat the issue. From vision therapy, to contact lenses, some solutions can help improve, restore, correct, and maintain clear, healthy vision. 

Lazy Eye

Lazy eye, or amblyopia, is a condition that usually affects one eye and not the other. This condition often happens early in life when something happens to change the nerve pathways in the eye. The brain and the eye stop working together. The stronger eye receives brain signals normally, whereas the weaker eye receives fewer visual signals from the brain. They may move slower and not in unison with the stronger eye. Often, babies and children experience lazy eye.

A pediatric optometrist can assess this condition and develop ways to treat lazy eye. The course of action depends on the cause of the issue and the unique needs of the child/baby. Typical treatments include the use of corrective lenses as well as eye patching. Eye patching can help the weak eye become stronger from use. Patching the stronger eye helps the weaker eye to see clearly, thus helping improve the brain-eye connection. 

Compassionate Vision Care With Our Optometrist

If you or your child are experiencing issues symptomatic of lazy eyes, call Alice Family Eye Center in Alice, TX, for an evaluation. We can explore and assess the reasons behind your symptoms and come up with a practice plan of action. Our eye doctor will perform tests that allow us to discover any underlying issues that may be contributing to the problem.


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