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Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

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Choosing contacts is not always easy. If you have dry eyes, you know the frustration of finding a lens that feels comfortable all day long. The good news is that some options are available. Our eye doctor at Alice Family Eye Center in Alice, TX, can help you to get the best contacts for your individual needs.

Soft Lenses

Our optometrist will help you ensure that you have the right type of lens for your eyes. If you wear soft lenses, some are designed specifically for those with dry eyes. These lenses may have a higher water content or be made of a material that helps to keep your eyes lubricated. This can help to minimize discomfort and help you to feel more comfortable all day long.

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses

Some options can help those with dry eyes if you wear gas-permeable lenses. These lenses are often made of a material that helps to keep your eyes lubricated. They can also be designed to allow more oxygen to reach your eye, which can help to reduce irritation. Contact lenses can also be made a bit larger in diameter to help reduce the evaporation of tears. Your eye doctor will ensure that you have the right fit for your individual needs.

Replacement Frequency

You need to consider how often you will need to replace your lenses when choosing the best type of lens. Some materials can last much longer than others. You may also need to replace your lenses more frequently if you have allergies that affect your eyes.

Silicone Hydrogels

This means that the lens is made of silicone and allows a high amount of oxygen to pass through to the eye. Oxygen is necessary for healthy eyes, so you want to be sure that your lenses will enable enough oxygen to pass through. Those with dry eyes often benefit from lenses with higher oxygen permeability.

Contact Our Optometrist for Contact Lenses

Selecting the best type of lens can be tricky. Our optometrist at Alice Family Eye Center in Alice, TX, can help you to find the perfect lenses for your individual needs. We will consider the severity of your dry eyes, how often you need to replace your lenses, and any other factors that may affect your comfort. Call us at (361) 668-3937 to schedule an appointment. We’re ready to help you get the best dry eye contacts.


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